APEX brings you a range of full carbon fibre steering wheels for motosport use designed and built in the UK.


Our range has been developed to bring carbon fibre steering wheel designs to meet the budgets of most competitors from club racers to professional racing teams.  




Competition Steering Wheels



A carbon fibre steering wheel that comes with LCD/LED display, designed for the club racer who wants an up-to-date carbon fibre steering wheel.

Fitted with the Race Technology Dash4Pro LCD/LED CAN compatible display, spiral loom and rubber handgrips.

The steering wheel display presents a highly configurable, graphical data display tool to the driver. It can be used in conjunction with any Race Technology product , for example data loggers or ECU adapter, or as a standalone CAN display.

Any combination of variables, text and simple graphs can be displayed on the screen. In addition to the LCD display the steering wheel features 2 rows of programmable multicolour LEDs.

Used with a Race technology data logger it can be configured to display multiple combinations of data channels such as temperatures, pressures, speed, RPM, lap and sector times etc. It is also possible to control the data logger remotely, e.g. start/stop logging, and adding track markers for lap timing. In addition a performance meter mode for measuring performance parameters such as 0-60mph or 100kph timing.

Connected to an ECU interface, it can display all the decoded ECU parameters.

Used as a standalone CAN display, it can decode and display CAN variables based on a DBC file.  Purchase of the Race Technology CAN Receive Enhancement is necessary.

Serial data input for connection to any Race Technology data logger
Direct CAN input
Display up to 40+ variables per screen, over 5 screens of data
Control logging, lap timing, display warnings and errors.
Display any combination of values, text, bargraphs, mini graphs
Super-clear fonts from tiny, to full screen
Programmable LEDs
Optional alarms on all channels
Maths channels configurable to perform real time calculations
Clear menu options for in car configuration
Built in performance meter functions eg 0-60mph
Display advanced lap timing results from data loggers, including real time timeslip

Dimensions:270 x 153mm