APEX brings you a range of steering wheels for motosport use designed and built in the UK.


Our range has been developed to bring carbon fibre steering wheel designs to meet the budgets of most competitors from club racers to professional racing teams.  




Competition Steering Wheels

Our philosophy is to keep costs down so that we can deliver a carbon fibre steering wheel that is within the reach of club racers.



Our steering wheels bring carbon fibre technology to the club racer for the first time.  Light and precision engineered to give a high specification finish.


These designs represent a step forward in motorsport steering wheel technology.....

                                       Head Designer - APEX Steering Wheels

We thought that this should change. So we designed the E6-SW:01 to see what was possible.  Then we though 'What if we were to add a display unit?'  So we teamed up with Race Technology and came up with the E6-SW:02.  Then we though 'What if we fully integrated the Dash4Pro display?'  So we developed the E6-SW:03.


We have not stood still, and we are now developing the Pro series steering wheel E6-SW:PRO which aims to be a fully integrated one piece formula one style steeing wheel.


Apex was established in 2015 with the objective of developing a range of carbon fibre steering wheels to a range of competitors from club racers to professionals alike.


All our products are designed under one roof at our workshop in Norfolk in th UK.


The basic steering wheel design  has not changed much in the last 100 years but even with the advent of new technologies, things are pretty much the same as they have always been.